Inauguration of Echoes of Imperium

Welcome to Echoes of Imperium!

This blog is a collaborative project between Alexander Lunde and myself. We will strive to explore the dark millennium of Warhammer: 40 000 and the bleak Mortal Realms of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

At the moment we are both involved in the Tor Megiddo scenario and I hope to be able to show more pictures from this project as it unfolds. We are also working on an other scenario that will be played in Nottingham sometime in 2018. But more on that later.

However, we also do our own stuff and this blog will hopefully push us even further as we collect, convert and paint miniatures.

-Alexander Winberg-

Outgard group
Outgard 2016, our first collaboration. Also featuring the works from WilhelMiniatures, Nordic and Jeff Vader

5 thoughts on “Inauguration of Echoes of Imperium

    1. Cheers! I saw your Outgard work. Very nice and I am flattered that you felt inspired by our project. The only thing I would change is the guns, firearms of all sorts are very rare on Outgard and most humans would not know how to use them.

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      1. Thanks Alex. Like with most things I do I like to put my own little spin on things. I just like the blend of the old and new tech. So I guess they’re inspired by Outgard more than actually being Outgard. I’m glad you like what I’ve done though. Lots more to come and I’m also developing my own planet, my own corner of the universe.


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