Tor Megiddo – Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin raced across the red sand, the blazing heat did not bother her for she was troubled by far greater concerns. For a decade she had ruled Death Valley as Warleader, subservient only to the mindless Silent Emperor. Their lord was a figurehead, perhaps a godhead, but he did not truly live. Trapped on the Mercy Seat the Silent Emperor was nothing more than a servitor, neither living nor dead. But this was what allowed the Warleader to control Death Valley. She lived, so she ruled. 

Something had happened in the towering hives. They were spewing out smoke in unseen amounts. The recent tremors that had torn down huge parts of the Slag Mountains was bound to be connected to whatever was transpiring in the Goldens Spires. Bad omens, that was for sure. She spat and twisted her face at the thought of the hives, instinctively the fins on her head rose threateningly.

Behind her came Firecracker, inside the machine rode her warband. A small portion of the army she could call upon, but they were her armoured fists. The hardened elite. The 66 Fangs. She did not like them, but she trusted them on this raid. There would be danger, there would be death, but it would not be hers. She would not allow it. The Kong would not allow it. They had even sent three of their members with her to ensure her safety.

Smiling grimly Blue Ruin raced ahead, the Promethean Tower awaited her. And with her rode the key, the flesh baron Zogg.


Tor Megiddo is a scenario and a setting created by Helge from WilhelMiniatures and me. It is a post apocalyptic hive world that through over exploitation has been reduced to a radioactive desert.

This introduction should help set the stage for the leader of my warband, the mutant woman Blue Ruin. She leads her personal elite, the 66 Fangs, on a raid upon the Promethean Tower.

It was clear from the start that I wanted a female leader. The lack of female miniatures subject friends and I have long been pondering on. I wanted her to be heavily armoured, a need in the dangerous wastelands. So she is clad in heavy plate armour, except for her arms and head. She lost her right arm a long time ago in battle with rad mutants, thus the bionic arm. She is armed with a chainsword, a slug pistol and a heavy duty shotgun.







-Alexander Winberg-

5 thoughts on “Tor Megiddo – Blue Ruin

  1. Thank you Eric and thank you for stopping by. Tor Megiddo looks to be completely crazy and so much fun! I’ll be posting more of my crew during the week as they get finished, along with the terrain. I plan to write some small vignettes for each to give them a bit more depth.


  2. Wow she’s awesome man. When I first heard her name in a previous post I imagined her to be blue or blue-ish but I’m not at all disappointed. The bike is fantastic. Where did you get this jaw bones from that you’ve used for the forks?


    1. thank you! My warband is centered on Death Valley and the tribes that live there name their children when they reach adulthood. The names reflect their disposition. There for she is named Blue Ruin, for her dark mood and the destruction that follows in her wake. The bones are from the giant kit.

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