Tor Megiddo – Thirteen, daughter of Misery

Bad luck wind been blowin' at my backI was born to bring trouble to wherever I'm atGot the number thirteen tattooed on my neckWhen the ink starts to itch Then the black will turn to red I was born in the Tor of miseryNever had me a nameThey just gave me the number When I was young… Continue reading Tor Megiddo – Thirteen, daughter of Misery

Tor Megiddo – Zogg, flesh baron

Zogg the guide, the betrayer, the lord of flesh and master of butchers. He is a shell within a shell. Personalities and identities atop each other. To hide the truth, his monstrous self. With the cunning of an abalone his tricked his way into the inner circles of Death Valley. Lies, seduction, bribery, murder. The… Continue reading Tor Megiddo – Zogg, flesh baron

Tor Megiddo – Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin raced across the red sand, the blazing heat did not bother her for she was troubled by far greater concerns. For a decade she had ruled Death Valley as Warleader, subservient only to the mindless Silent Emperor. Their lord was a figurehead, perhaps a godhead, but he did not truly live. Trapped on… Continue reading Tor Megiddo – Blue Ruin

Inauguration of Echoes of Imperium

Welcome to Echoes of Imperium! This blog is a collaborative project between Alexander Lunde and myself. We will strive to explore the dark millennium of Warhammer: 40 000 and the bleak Mortal Realms of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. At the moment we are both involved in the Tor Megiddo scenario and I hope to be… Continue reading Inauguration of Echoes of Imperium